By: Noémi Thu, 07/19/2018
Barbada de Barbades | Pride Essentials | Entrevue

Nous avons eu l'honneur d'interviewer l'incroyable chanteuse, DJ et artiste Barbada de Barbades et de parler de sa musique, de sa vie et de son évolution au fil des ans. Cette entrevue fait partie de notre couverture exclusive PRIDE pour le mois de la fierté.

By: Noémi Mon, 07/16/2018
High As Hope by Florence + The Machine

On her band's fourth studio album, it can feel like Florence Welch can hold out a single note at top volume for an hour. High As Hope’s charming and discombobulating diversity/dynamics makes it an absolute aural onslaught.

By: Noémi Tue, 07/10/2018
Liberation by Christina Aguilera

Despite emerging as one of music’s most chameleonic artists, Christina Aguilera makes music that always sounds like her. Liberation soars creatively, musically, and examines topics and stylings through Christina’s distinct and keen vision.

By: Noémi Fri, 06/22/2018
DJ Raphaella Brown | Pride Essentials| Interview

We had the honor to interview DJ Raphaella Brown and talk about her music, her career, and her evolution throughout the years. This interview is part of our exclusive PRIDE coverage for Pride Month. 

By: Noémi Fri, 06/22/2018
Sandy Duperval | Pride Essentials | Interview

We had the honor to interview singer, DJ, producer, and artist Sandy Duperval and talk about her music, her life, and her evolution throughout the years. This interview is part of our exclusive PRIDE coverage for Pride Month. 

By: Noémi Mon, 06/18/2018
Scout by Calpurnia

If you want to know whether the new Calpurnia EP Scout is worth your time, I’d suggest you check out tracks 1, 2, 3, and then the entire album.

By: Noémi Mon, 06/11/2018
Shawn Mendes by Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes' third album Shawn Mendes is guaranteed to send a chill up the spine of anyone who loved his Illuminate album in times of heartbreak.

By: Noémi Thu, 05/31/2018
#SocialStatus | May 2018

#SocialStatus will introduce you to artists who caught our eye on Instagram. Whether you’re searching for your musical inspiration or want to spice up your feed, these are the accounts to follow.

By: Noémi Thu, 05/24/2018
Les musts des Francos Montréal 2018 | Programmation extérieure

Les Francos de Mtl nous proposent encore cette année une programmation riche et diversifiée. Voici les 10 spectacles extérieurs gratuits à ne pas manquer dans le cadre des Francos de Montréal (7-16 juin 2018)!

By: Noémi Wed, 05/23/2018
BTS | Love Yourself: Tear

On Friday May 18, 2018, South Korean K-pop group BTS unveiled their long-awaited third studio album, Love Yourself: Tear. ARMIES OUT THERE, ARE YOU READY? BTS ARMY FOREVER.

By: Noémi Mon, 05/14/2018
Dysphorie by Roxane Bruneau

Roxane Bruneau est la meneuse incontestée du palmarès québécois qui fait parler d’elle depuis quelque temps. Son album Dysphorie est avant tout un collectif d’émotions rassemblé autour de sa vie personnelle.

By: Noémi Sun, 05/13/2018
I love you, Mom | Top 10 Songs

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re looking back at ten unforgettable musical tributes from daughters and sons to the women who raised them. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

By: Noémi Mon, 04/16/2018
Cardi B | Invasion of Privacy

The slick-stricken Bronx rapper’s first album Invasion of Privacy is a marvel of craft, musicality, and emotion. It’s called Invasion of Privacy for a reason. If you don’t like what you see, it doesn’t even matter: she made you look anyway.

By: Noémi Tue, 04/10/2018
MIEN | Interview

We sat down with our Technical Writer Rishi Dhir, Montreal multi-instrumentalist, bandleader (of noble psych-pop act Elephant Stone) and newly minted acid-house DJ/sitarist who's also the brains behind his latest project, MIEN. 

By: Noémi Mon, 04/09/2018

MIEN’s self-titled, debut album is a colossus; the product of a band that thought huge, pushed itself to its limits, and devoted to breaking open its own understanding of what psychedelic rock music could be.

By: Noémi Fri, 04/06/2018
Coachella Must-Sees | Top 10 Artists

Oh hey, Coachella. Times they are a-changin’ and music is constantly evolving. Get ready for the biggest names, the biggest productions, and tons of hidden gems. Keep reading for our top 10 must-see artists worthy of all the attention.

By: Noémi Thu, 04/05/2018
Estelle | Interview

We sat down with Estelle and talk about her music and her evolution throughout the years. This interview is part of our exclusive coverage leading up the 2018 Sing Jazz festival.

By: Noémi Tue, 04/03/2018
ACM Awards | Special Programming

Get ready for the biggest names in country, on the 2018 Academy of Country Music Awards channel. From the rising-stars to legendary chart dominators, this star-studded selection features all the nominated artists from this year’s awards. The special programming channel will be available April 3 to April 30, 2018. 

By: Noémi Tue, 04/03/2018
Dead Obies | Chaîne Vedette

Nous sommes tellement fiers d’accueillir Dead Obies comme artiste du mois d'avril sur notre chaîne vedette Stingray Musique! La chaîne vedette Dead Obies est offerte du 3 avril au 30 avril, 2018.

By: Noémi Mon, 04/02/2018
Stingray Classica Shatters Canadian Subscriber Expectations

Last October, Videotron was the first operator to broadcast the premium digital channel in North America, Stingray Classica. With over 50 premieres a year, the channel - dedicated to classical music, ballet, and opera - is priced at CAN $5.99 per month.

By: Noémi Mon, 04/02/2018
Incognito | Interview

We sat down with Incognito talk about them as a band and their evolution throughout the years. This interview is part of our exclusive coverage leading up the 2018 Sing Jazz festival.

By: Noémi Sun, 04/01/2018
Abonnements : Stingray Classica surpasse les attentes au Canada

En octobre dernier, Vidéotron a été le premier opérateur à diffuser la chaîne télé Stingray Classica en Amérique du Nord. Avec plus de 50 créations par année, Stingray Classica est la destination télévisuelle consacrée au meilleur de la musique classique, de l’opéra et du ballet la plus prisée au monde et est vendue 5,99 $ CAN par mois.

By: Noémi Wed, 03/28/2018
Skin & Earth by Lights

As Lights embarks on her fourth journey with Skin & Earth, we’re thrown into a new dimension unlike ever before. This gal knocked it out of the park. Welcome back, Captain Lights.

By: Noémi Mon, 03/26/2018
JUNOS 2018 | Red Carpet Highlights

Here are the red carpet highlights from the 2018 Juno Awards. Enjoy!

By: Noémi Tue, 03/13/2018
Bon Jovi | Top 10 Karaoke Tracks

Rock Hall-bound rockers Bon Jovi have more than their share of big hits. Their songs are not especially difficult to sing, but the high notes in the choruses offer opportunities to flex them vocal muscles! here are our top 10 Bon Jovi tracks to belt out!

By: Noémi Mon, 03/12/2018
The Free Life by Turbowolf

Turbowolf have made a name for themselves with influences and output that covers the entire genre of electrified music – everything from garage rock, punk, heavy metal, and psychedelia – and their third album, The Free Life, is no different. 

By: Noémi Thu, 03/08/2018
Women Who Roar | Top 10 Songs

Here’s to all the badass ladies out there, yourself included. Turn up the volume, tag your sisters and have a day that will go down in HERstory. This 2018, the FEMpire strikes back.

By: Noémi Mon, 03/05/2018
Nation of Two by Vance Joy

Finding a place in the crossover between commercial radio and quality folk is a tricky thing to do. Brimming with easy listening folk songs, Vance Joy’s second album Nation of Two accomplishes this difficult feat.

By: Noémi Fri, 03/02/2018
Tinariwen | Interview

We sat down with Tinariwen to talk about them as a band and their evolution throughout the years. Make sure to check them out at the Esplanade: Theatres on the Bay in Singapore on March 24th, 2018!

By: Noémi Thu, 03/01/2018
Laurence Nerbonne | Entrevue

Voici notre entretien amical sur Stingray PausePlay avec Laurence Nerbonne, auteure-compositrice-inteprète charismatique et sans barrière.  

By: Noémi Fri, 02/16/2018
NEW MUSIC FRI-YAY | Week of February 12

Craving fresh sounds? Stingray’s got everything you need. For you. For your friends. For your mom. For your neighbor. And even for that friend who says ''I hate music''.

By: Noémi Wed, 02/14/2018
Love is Louder | Top 10 Songs ?

This Valentine’s Day spread love and remember to love yourself. Because love is louder than everything else. In the meanwhile, here are a few tracks that’ll get you in a lovey-dovey mood.

By: Noémi Tue, 02/13/2018
Always Ascending by Franz Ferdinand

Five years since their last album, Always Ascending gushes with characteristic lurching tempo changes, scream-along choruses, and glossy hooks. Welcome back, guys.

By: Noémi Fri, 02/09/2018
NEW MUSIC FRI-YAY | Week of February 5

New vibes on Fridays. Save the date. Stingray’s got everything you need. For you. For your friends. For your mom. For your neighbor. And even for that friend who says ''I hate music''.

By: Noémi Tue, 02/06/2018
Man of the Woods by Justin Timberlake

Here it is. Justin Timberlake’s fifth studio album Man of the Woods is out. He’s ventured out among mountains, trees, and campfires, wearing a massive blanket scarf and triple layers of flannel. He's a man of the woods. (cue the crickets)

By: Noémi Fri, 02/02/2018
NEW MUSIC FRI-YAY | Week of January 29

New vibes on Fridays. Save the date. Stingray’s got everything you need. For you. For your friends. For your mom. For your neighbor. And even for that friend who says ''I hate music''.

By: Noémi Wed, 01/31/2018
Super Bowl LII | Top 10 Songs

Eagles or Patriots? Wentz or #BradyAllTheWay? Here are our top 10 tracks to get pumped for the game. We’ve got all the tracks that rocked hard and the halftime musts.

By: Noémi Fri, 01/26/2018
NEW MUSIC FRI-YAY | Week of January 26

New vibes on Fridays. Save the date. Stingray’s got everything you need. For you. For your friends. For your mom. For your neighbor. And even for that friend who says ''I hate music''.

By: Noémi Thu, 01/25/2018
#Grammys ? | Top 10 Songs

For us, it’s not about Who Wore It Best, but Who Sung It Best. Here are our picks/predictions for the 2018 GRAMMY Awards.

By: Noémi Wed, 01/17/2018
Hey 2018 | Top 10 Songs

Here are a few tracks that’ll pump you up/motivate/ignite your inner fire for the next 365 days. Let’s lead this year with love and an open heart.

By: Noémi Mon, 01/15/2018
Camila by Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello, a former member of American girl group Fifth Harmony, confidently flaunts her songwriting skills on her surprisingly frisky and fun new album Camila.

By: Noémi Mon, 01/08/2018
Dedication 6 by Lil Wayne

“Best Rapper Alive”, Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. AKA Lil Wayne hasn't shared a mixtape in his DJ Drama-produced Dedication series since 2013, so you're in for a 2018 treat in the form of Dedication 6, the latest installment.

By: Noémi Wed, 12/20/2017
The Best of 2017 Part II | Top 10 Songs

Welcome to Best Songs of 2017, part II. We’ve been expecting you. 10 songs just weren’t enough, so, here are a few personal faves that deserve all the spotlight. Ready for a dense and tangled part II?

By: Noémi Mon, 12/18/2017
Revival by Eminem

Revival in four words? Confessions, explanations, apologies, and revival. Marshall revisits his past and current struggles, from his 2007 methadone overdose and his legacy as a father to his absolute hatred of Donald Trump.

By: Noémi Wed, 12/06/2017
The Best of 2017 | Top 10 Songs

2017 has been intense. Artists have never had more reason to express themselves. From Queens of the Stone Age to Frank Ocean, 2017 was a huge and personal statement from major artists. Welcome to 2017’s top 10 songs.

By: Noémi Tue, 12/05/2017
Songs of Experience by U2

Songs of Experience represents more than just a back-to-basics, it’s one of the most honest album U2 has released in years. Welcome back U2. We’ve missed you.

By: Noémi Mon, 11/27/2017
Utopia by Björk

Utopia challenges our auditory muscles and requires all our attention. Prepare yourself for a blissfully intimate 14-track poem.

By: Noémi Thu, 11/23/2017
Meet Maarten Walraven-Freeling, Channel Manager EMEA

With a PhD in History from the University of Manchester and a Masters in Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam, Dutch-born Maarten Walraven-Freeling is no stranger to music and TV!

By: Noémi Mon, 11/13/2017
reputation by Taylor Swift

After the mega success of 2014’s 1989, Taylor returns with more power than ever: she’s rejecting the tabloids, fighting for respect, and trying to let her guard down whilst learning to trust again.

By: Noémi Wed, 11/08/2017
Top 10 | Heavy Metal Songs

Top 10 Heavy Metal Songs: We’ve compiled 10 “disasterpiece[s]” that’ll make you “blackout”. So, stick around, “don’t run to the hills”. “Welcome to the Jungle”.

By: Noémi Mon, 11/06/2017
The Dusk in Us by Converge

This band is, without a shadow of a doubt, metalcore’s true leader and has been adding their own unique inflection to the sound for the last 25+ years. And their ninth album is no exception.

By: Noémi Mon, 10/30/2017
Pacific Daydream by Weezer

Get ready Weezer fans, you will find plenty to explore on the band’s latest album Pacific Daydream. Props to Cuomo for some fine editing.

By: Noémi Wed, 10/25/2017
Top 10 | Halloween Party Songs

Whether you’re trying to plan the best Halloween party or simply creepin’ it real, we've carefully handpicked 10 songs that’ll get everybody dancing. Let’s get halloweird.

By: Noémi Mon, 10/23/2017
Flicker by Niall Horan

Niall Horan’s first solo album Flicker is a vulnerable, kind, and articulated collection of uniformly solid ballads.

By: Noémi Tue, 10/17/2017
Beautiful Trauma by Pink

Five years since the release of her last album The Truth About Love, the rebellious and energy-high pop queen with rock influenced vocals is back with a seventh studio album (yayyyyy!)

By: Noémi Wed, 10/11/2017
Wonderful Wonderful by the Killers

After keeping the world (including me) waiting for 4 years, The Killers at last released their fifth studio album: Wonderful Wonderful. And, it’s amaziiing. You’re in for a treat. This is their most compelling, revealing, and vulnerable album yet.

By: Noémi Tue, 10/03/2017
Bebe Rexha | Celebrity Channel

With guest collaborations such as Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Ty Dolla $ign, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, and Cashmere Cat, Bebe Rexha has received acclaim from Entertainment Weekly, GQ, ELLE, USA TODAY, MTV, and many others.