Strike a (Yoga) Pose with Stingray Naturescape

By: Aleesha P.Tue, 06/07/2022
Stingray Naturescape

Escape the everyday with Stingray Naturescape. The channel transports you to different destinations all over the world, right from the comfort of home. Tune-In to enjoy all-day programming and lose yourself to stunning sceneries, especially this Yoga Day, June 21st, we invite you to strike a pose.

What is International Yoga Day? 

International Yoga Day is celebrated on the Summer Solstice and aims to focus on “Yoga for well-being”, to emphasize how the practice can promote holistic health for all and to highlight the physical and spiritual prowess that it has brought to the world stage. Most people practice Yoga as a means of connecting to the body, mind and soul in the same way that it has been done in India for centuries. Tune-in to Stingray Naturescape on June 21st, to fully immerse yourself while working on your yoga techniques. Stretch to stunning sceneries, such as the Tranquil Sunrise at the Hoh River, the Ulun Danu Temple in Indonesia and more. 

History of International Yoga Day 

The ancient practice of Yoga dates to 5,000 years ago, originating from India. It is a practice that is meant to bring you one step closer to enlightenment. Yoga became increasingly popularized in the west as a way to help alleviate physical injuries and chronic pains. This special day is celebrated on June 21st, which signifies the Summer Solstice, the day that the sun shines the brightest over every other day in the year. 

Strike a (yoga) pose with Stingray Naturescape!

Let Stingray Naturescape bring you to new heights when celebrating International Yoga Day, on June 21st. Turn on the TV, gather your Yoga blocks, roller, mat, towel, water bottle and you’re ready! Use this session to practice your best positions and unwind with breath-taking scenes in accompanying Stingray Naturescape playing scenes from all over! Where will you practice first? Maybe the Matinloc & Sunset Lagoon situated in the Philippines, or the top spots in Îles de la Madeleine in Quebec? Engage in Yoga anywhere in the world with Naturescape. Don’t hesitate to snap a pic and share! 


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