By: Kurt Fri, 11/26/2021
Things You Didn’t Know About Holiday Music

Knowing your musical history will help you re-appreciate the popular music that has stood the test of time.

By: Kurt Wed, 08/22/2018
50 ans du Festival international de la chanson de Granby | Prix Étoiles Stingray

En l'honneur des 50 ans du Festival international de la chanson de Granby, un retour sur cinq lauréats de notre Prix Étoiles Stingray remis dans le cadre FICG.

By: Kurt Mon, 06/11/2018
The Gift of Dad Rock | Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, give in to “dad rock” and indulge your dad. Do it to the soundtrack of his rebel youth. Hang out together and let him tell you his cool stories, no matter how many times you’ve heard them before.

By: Kurt Tue, 05/08/2018
Grimes | Stingray Rising Stars winner | 2018 JUNOS

This March at the 2018 JUNOS, she was recognized for the second year in a row for her talent as a director. Claire won the 2018 Video of the Year for her stunning big-budget 7-minute clip for “Venus Fly”, featuring Janelle Monáe.

By: Kurt Tue, 04/24/2018
The Britpop Phenomenon

The big four Britpop bands who brought pop back to music when they felt it was needed were – Suede, Blur, Pulp and Oasis. Here are four of the defining songs of the Britpop era.

By: Kurt Tue, 04/10/2018
Boy Bands – A Love Story

Like most things beloved by teen girls, boy bands have always had a bad rap among music journalists, music snobs and well, most guys. Our brains are hardwired to take great pleasure in the music we love, and diversity is a good thing, right? Music never hurt anybody.

By: Kurt Wed, 03/28/2018
Hair Metal Madness: Back to the ‘80s

In the '80s, back when both the music and hair were big, you could swing your long locks while playing air guitar well before the game Guitar Hero came along. Pull on your spandex, spray on the aqua net, and read up on the history of the gods of hair metal.