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10 Beautiful Opera Houses to Visit in a Lifetime | Opera With Pearls

Opera houses are known for their beautiful architecture, whether they are historic or modern buildings. Here’s the first part of my bucket list, with some destinations already checked off!

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7 Opera Characters You Find on Valentine's Day | Opera With Pearls

Opera With Pearl's Buzzfeed version of ''The 13 Types Of People You See On Valentine's Day''. With more opera, obviously. You're welcome. So, which Valentine are you?

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3 Tips to Attract New Operagoers | Opera With Pearls

How can opera companies appeal to a younger and diverse audience? Here are 3 tips for opera companies worldwide and for the opera-curious people out there.

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10 Opera Inspirations for your New Year's Resolutions | Opera With Pearls

For 2018, we wondered which goal would our favorite opera characters set for themselves. Do you share new goals with Salomé or with Schaunard?