Car-infotainment systems: a growing business

By: StingrayMon, 08/29/2022

A research study conducted by T W White and Sons reveals that we spend a total of 4.3 years of our lives in cars (1). Even more so now, as the global pandemic most likely impacted car owners’ behavior, those who tend to travel more within their own country and avoid public transportation. Cars are our home outside of home, so innovation to make vehicles smarter and more comfortable is key.  

The future of connected cars is now 

Over the past decades, car manufacturers have massively invested in car-infotainment systems, and smart dashboard features are no longer limited to satellite radio and GPS. Creating a good in-car experience is crucial to car manufacturers, and Stingray helps them create tailored infotainment apps.

Stingray Karaoke is the first in-vehicle app commercialized by Stingray. The app has been globally deployed to Tesla vehicles. Additionally, Cerence is about to launch Cerence Sing in every VinFast electric vehicle.

Here’s what you need to know about the in-car karaoke app that everybody is talking about. 

Stingray Karaoke: the first karaoke app for cars 

It’s no secret that everybody sings in their car, and Stingray Karaoke brings the carpool karaoke experience to the next level! By providing their API to car manufacturers, Stingray Karaoke offers tens of thousands of licensed karaoke tracks and curated playlists to drivers and car passengers. Tesla Caraoke was first, and now an HTML App, an Android Automotive OS (AAOS) app, and a Custom Android OS (AOSP) app are currently in development and should meet every manufacturer’s deployment need in the next few months. 

The karaoke app is free for the end users. It features karaoke classics, trending songs, and an extensive Disney catalog. All this content is made easy to browse by a variety of categories and themed playlists. The 70K+ track library is updated weekly, covers 25 languages, and is clear of offensive content. 

In-car karaoke app and safety 

Is it safe to sing karaoke while driving? To ensure road safety, Stingray Karaoke will release a web app for all passengers in the next few weeks. This web app will be accessible with a unique QR code that will appear on the car’s dashboard (no download required). Car passengers will use this app on their personal devices to read the lyrics and add songs to a queue. Drivers can only be distracted by the vocal prowess of their travel companions!  

More in car-infotainment solutions

Singing Machine, a partner of Stingray Karaoke, is currently developing fully integrated singing hardware into the car audio system. While waiting for this new microphone to be commercialized, you can practice your voice with their famous Carpool Karaoke Mic. 

To go further with the in-car experience, Stingray is working on a Stingray Music experience optimized for cars. You’ll soon be able to enjoy a wide variety of music channels of all genres, curated by music experts. Stingray is also developing a new version of the Qello Concerts app, providing thousands of concert films and music documentaries to car passengers. A good way to vibe while the car is charging!  

Car manufacturers & middlewares already using Stingray apps include: 

Tesla, Cerence, and Vewd.